BEST OF BREED: GCh Aubrey's Moon River

BEST OF OPPOSITE: GCh.Hum'nbird Rock Your Socks

WINNERS DOG/BOW/BISWEEPS: Heritage Brogan Light The Lamp

WINNERS' BITCH/BEST PUPPY: Brynlea Velvet Underground

BEST VETERAN: CH Windhamlair Thomas Oliver


HIGH COMBINED AGILITY: : MACH Heartwood First Delights

SELECT DOG: GCh Sandfox Cadenza

SELECT BITCH: Ch Reinwood Ride Like the Wind CDX


Current Rescues

ADOPTERS ...PLEASE LOOK HERE We are delighted that you have come to our rescue site and are interested in our dogs. Before calling us, please go back one page on our site and look at the information about rescuing a corgi. At the bottom of the page is an application. Please download it, complete it, and send it in to us before calling about a specific dog. WE WILL NOT PLACE A DOG WITHOUT A COMPETED APPLICATION.

Also, we do not allow our dogs to be given as "gifts" to unsuspecting friends or family members. Any one who is to be considered for adopting a corgi from us must be involved in the process. Although it may seem like a great idea to give someone the gift of a dog, often it doesn't work out because the recipient doesn't want the dog. Our dogs have already gone thru the trauma of losing a family and we don't want it to happen again so no "gifts" no matter how wonderful an idea it seems to be.

Finally, we work very hard to find the best possible family for each of our dogs. This process takes time so please be patient. If we have your application, you will be considered for a dog. PLEASE NOTE!!! WE DO NOT POST ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE DOGS ON OUR WEB SITE. IF WE HAVE A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR THE DOG FROM OUR AVAILABLE POOL OF APPLICANTS WE WILL NOT POST THE DOG. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FIRST!! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.

For an application, please go to:

Monty is a neutered male corgi. He turned 10 on Valentines Day which is appropriate as he is a real sweetheart! Monty was surrendered to our rescue by his owners as they had a young child with a very serious illness. They needed to move to the area where her doctors were located. They were in no position to care for their critically ill child as well as a dog. Monty is up to dates on his shots, is in good general health, and has recently had a dentistry. He is housebroken and knows some obedience although he is not an expert by any means. He can sleep in a crate if you wish and enjoys riding in the car.

Monty is a very happy and energetic dog! He behaves more like a 5 year old dog than one that has just turned 10. He loves to play ball and will play other games as well if you like. He is a very quick learner and wants to please so teaching him things is pretty easy. He loves to meet new people and is a fabulous kisser! He does like to chase things so we feel he would not be good with children under 12 or with cats but he does get along with other dogs as long as the other dog is not aggressive towards him.

Monty has a couple of issues that anyone thinking of adopting him needs to understand. He injured his neck at some point in his past so we had him treated by a animal chiropractor who corrected the problem. Monty has recovered but to assure this injury doesn't reoccur, we recommend that he be walked with a harness instead of a collar. He also is dedicated to chasing squirrels so we feel he will need either a fenced in yard or someone who is willing to use a leash at all times when walking him outside. Monty will do best with a person or family who have had dogs before and understand that consistency is the key to having a well behaved dog in your life.

Monty is a a great kisser and cuddler! He would love to snuggle up while you read or watch television. He is gentle and sweet with people and wants to be a very good boy! If you want a wonderful companion the Monty is the dog for you!

Monty has been adopted!

Salvador is a charming and sweet 12 year old neutered male. His former owners decided to move and not take him with them. He is being loved and fostered by some of our club members and he has shown himself to be a wonderful older guy with lots of spunk left! He is a very gentle soul and loves to be loved. He has some favorite toys that he will show to you in hopes you will join the game! He wants to please and even though he does not seem to have much formal training, he is very willing to do what you ask. He is a wonderful little guy! He is housebroken and walks on a leash without a problem.

Salvador is very friendly with people. He will love you no matter what your age! He is fine with cats but not with dogs. In fact, he seems somewhat afraid of other dogs and because of that, he react by barking if he thinks another dog is nearby. Because of this, we feel he should to be the only dog in your household but he appears to be fine with pets other than a dog. He also loves to explore and will check out the yard for any other "visitors" which can be squirrels, chipmunks or any other "critters" that routinely inhabit yards. Since Salvador loves to wander around we are looking for a home with a fence so that he can explore to his heart's content but still stay safely at home!

We have had him to the vet for a complete check up and to make sure his vaccinations are up to date. His teeth are not in good shape and he is also being treated for Lymes Disease. He will be having a dentistry as soon as possible. His foster family have told us that he was exceptionally brave and well behaved at the vet. He is such a good boy! He is also a bit over weight and he is now on a diet and exercise program. He has lost a few pounds and is looking quite handsome!

Salvador loves to hang out with his "people". He is a sweet, dignified little guy and he loves his belly rubs! The more the better!! Our foster family tells us that despite being left behind by his family, he is a trusting and gentle little guy that is so very grateful for any attention and kindness he receives.

If you can find room in your heart for a sweet, gentle little soul with lots of spunk and love to give then Salvador is the dog for you!

Salvador has been adopted!

Westly is a neutered male corgi. He is about 8 or 9 years old. Wes had been chained in a yard for most of his life. He was not abused but was certainly isolated and ignored.

The first thing we did after he came into our rescue program was to take him to a vet for a complete exam. Somewhat surprisingly we learned he was basically in good health but he was very malnourished and his teeth were in terrible shape. He had many broken and rotted teeth and his mouth was infected from them. He had a major dentistry and now his mouth is in good shape. He is also up to date on all of his shots and is a happy guy!

Despite his prior life, this little dog is really sweet! The staff at our vet have made him a project and he is loving all the attention, good food and exercise. He has discovered toys and just loves to play with them. He has learned to walk on a leash and is quite friendly. He met the office cat and ignored him.

Wes also seems to have been isolated from other dogs so the staff has been working with him in this area too. He is not aggressive with other dogs and he is happily learning to play but he doesn't understand dog "language" very well yet. If he is adopted by a family who has another dog we feel that dog needs to be calm and not dominant as Wes may accidentally give the wrong signals which could cause a problem. He has not been around children to our knowledge so we feel he should only go to either an adult only household or one with teenagers.

Wes is a terrific little dog! He had a difficult prior life but he has moved on and will make someone a wonderful pet. He should go to someone who has had dogs before as there are still many things he will not understand and will need to be taught. But he seems to be a quick learner and we are very happy with his rapid progress!

Westly has been adopted!


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