BEST OF BREED: GCh Aubrey's Moon River

BEST OF OPPOSITE: GCh.Hum'nbird Rock Your Socks

WINNERS DOG/BOW/BISWEEPS: Heritage Brogan Light The Lamp

WINNERS' BITCH/BEST PUPPY: Brynlea Velvet Underground

BEST VETERAN: CH Windhamlair Thomas Oliver


HIGH COMBINED AGILITY: : MACH Heartwood First Delights

SELECT DOG: GCh Sandfox Cadenza

SELECT BITCH: Ch Reinwood Ride Like the Wind CDX


Current Rescues

ADOPTERS ...PLEASE LOOK HERE We are delighted that you have come to our rescue site and are interested in our dogs. Before calling us, please go back one page on our site and look at the information about rescuing a corgi. At the bottom of the page is an application. Please download it, complete it, and send it in to us before calling about a specific dog. WE WILL NOT PLACE A DOG WITHOUT A COMPETED APPLICATION.

Also, we do not allow our dogs to be given as "gifts" to unsuspecting friends or family members. Any one who is to be considered for adopting a corgi from us must be involved in the process. Although it may seem like a great idea to give someone the gift of a dog, often it doesn't work out because the recipient doesn't want the dog. Our dogs have already gone thru the trauma of losing a family and we don't want it to happen again so no "gifts" no matter how wonderful an idea it seems to be.

Finally, we work very hard to find the best possible family for each of our dogs. This process takes time so please be patient. If we have your application, you will be considered for a dog. PLEASE NOTE!!! WE DO NOT POST ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE DOGS ON OUR WEB SITE. IF WE HAVE A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR THE DOG FROM OUR AVAILABLE POOL OF APPLICANTS WE WILL NOT POST THE DOG. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FIRST!! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.

For an application, please go to:

CONNOR -special needs corgi
Connor is a 9 year old neutered male corgi. He is red and white in color and a sweetheart of a dog! He loves people of all sizes and is good with other dogs. He came into our rescue because his elderly owner's other dog didn't like Connor. He has been living with other dogs since he came to us and has no problems with them.

Connor is in good health and has been recently checked by a veterinarian. The problem Connor has is that he needs to go outside quite frequently. If he is watched, or if he has access to the outside thru a doggy door, he is fine. However, if he has to be left alone for more than three or four hours then he is likely to have an accident. The vet who examined Connor can find no physical reason for this behavior so he feels it is a behavioral issue. We are trying to help him with this but so far, all that works is to make sure he gets outside frequently. We have tried confining him in a crate and that does not consistently work either. Anyone considering adopting Connor needs to know that he will need to have access to the outside on a frequent basis.

Otherwise this is a great little dog! He is just fabulous with both kids and adults and he loves to snuggle! He seems to really enjoy other dogs and, in fact, seems to find going outside with another dog reminds him of why he is out there...

If you would like to have a wonderful little friend for your whole family then please consider adopting Connor!

If you are interested in more information about Connor, please contact Maribeth McCarthy who is coordinating his adoption. Maribeth can be reached by email at

Thank you for your interest in Connor!

Keeley is a nine year old spayed female corgi. She is red and white in color. Keeley is in good health and is up to date on her shots. Her owner has asked for us to help her to find Keeley a new home because Keeley doesn't get along with the owner's other corgi. The other corgi has had some very serious health issues and the animosity between the two dogs is not good for either of them.

Keeley is a sweetheart! She is wonderful with people and good with cats. She gets along with some dogs but not all so we feel she should be an only dog in her new home. She is very friendly with new people and loves her family! She is housebroken, good on the leash and is well mannered in general. She also loves to cuddle and to have a tummy scratch!

If you are looking for a devoted little friend please think about adopting Keeley!

Keeley has been adopted!


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