BEST OF BREED: GCh Aubrey's Moon River

BEST OF OPPOSITE: GCh.Hum'nbird Rock Your Socks

WINNERS DOG/BOW/BISWEEPS: Heritage Brogan Light The Lamp

WINNERS' BITCH/BEST PUPPY: Brynlea Velvet Underground

BEST VETERAN: CH Windhamlair Thomas Oliver


HIGH COMBINED AGILITY: : MACH Heartwood First Delights

SELECT DOG: GCh Sandfox Cadenza

SELECT BITCH: Ch Reinwood Ride Like the Wind CDX


Ethics and Guidelines

Mayflower has developed the following guidelines to help you as you begin your search for the perfect family dog. It is important to remember that puppies are not manufactured to your time schedule, unlike automobiles, and there are often waiting lists. There is a good reason for that. Getting a dog is like adding to your family; they will be part of your life for 10-15 years, and we wish to ensure that these are excellent matches.

You will often hear dog enthusiasts on the soapbox against pet shop puppies, for GOOD reason. As with all dogs, there are inherited traits that you want to know about: temperament, health issues, proper socialization, etc. These are important to the well-being of your dog. Only a reputable breeder can ensure that you will be getting the right dog for your household. And, should your circumstances change, a reputable breeder will work to finding a new, wonderful home, while purchasing from a pet store or puppy mills will find you sadly leaving Fido at the pound.

For additional information about Corgis, please contact the Mayflower Breeder Referral Chair:
Laura Ward, 203/563-0862

General Guidelines for Talking with a Breeder

  • Many breeders also have full time jobs that are balanced with the responsibilities of families and raising a litter of puppies. It is helpful to have one person in your family be the ?contact? person and make all the phone calls. Please call back if you do not reach them the first time, especially if the call is long distance. Initial contact by e-mail is fine, but remember that e-mail is unreliable, and if you don't hear back maybe the address changed or they just didn't get the message!
  • When you first contact breeders from the Mayflower list, introduce yourself and mention that you got their name through breeder referral. Describe what you are looking for. The breeder will probably ask questions about your family, previous experience with dogs, and how you got interested in Corgis. They will ask so many questions that it feels like it would be easier to adopt a child, but they are just working to ensure that you are prepared for the responsibilty and joy of owning a Corgi.
  • Breeders are glad to answer questions about their puppies and the breed. Be sure to leave enough time when you call! If after talking to several breeders, you still have questions, please feel free to call David Carlson, Mayflower's "Corgi Ambassador" at 860/289-5284.
  • Most breeders will want to meet you and your family before reserving a puppy. If you cannot make an appointment please let the breeder know as soon as possible; remember that they have busy lives as well and be considerate.
  • Even if a breeder has a litter, most will not be able to promise you a puppy right away. Some have waiting lists which can seem long but are worth the wait! Most go through several ?sorting? stages in determining which puppies will be show puppies and which will be pets and where they will go. They try to match puppy personalities with your family needs. Please be patient; remember that this dog will be a member of you family for 10-15 years and they want to be sure the match is right.
    --All breeders will have a contract that you will be asked to sign. Be sure to get a copy early and review it carefully. Be sure that you understand all of the requirements of the contract, as well. Some of the more common clauses will include a spay/neuter clause where you will not receive the dogs' registration papers until they have been altered, and a right of first refusal clause where the breeder has first option if your circumstances change and you need to find another home for the puppy.
    --Ask about health issues such as the parents hip clearances (OFA), eye clearances (CERF) and any genetic traits that might run in this dog's line. Reputable breeders will be happy to share this information with you while pet shops generally do not have this information available.
  • Once you and a breeder have agreed on a puppy, you may be asked for a deposit to hold the puppy until it is old enough to go home. Others may hold a puppy on good faith. In either case, holding a puppy means other qualified buyers will be turned down. Please let a breeder know if you have changed your mind about a puppy.

Code of Ethics

All members of the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club must agree to abide by the official Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America's ?CODE OF ETHICS?, published in 2007. All breeders listed on our Mayflower Breeder Referral List have agreed to abide by this code.

  • All Members:

    Shall be responsible for adherence to the code of ethics (The Code). On behalf of the Membership of MPWCC, an Officer of the club shall reaffirm acceptance of the code of ethics on an annual basis by written confirmation accompanying our PWWCA dues notice.

    Shall Maintain the best possible standards of health, cleanliness, safety and care of their Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

    Shall consider breeding a litter only if the breeder is prepared to keep the resultant offspring for as long as it takes to suitably place each puppy.

    Shall take lifetime responsibility to ensure that Pembrokes of their breeding are cared for in a safe and healthy environment.

    Shall not release Pembroke Welsh Corgi litters, puppies, or adults to pet dealers, commercial retailers, or distributors, or to any party for the purpose of resale, auction, lottery or raffle prizes.

    Shall sell the puppies and adults in a manner that reflects the members' care, concern and integrity, by selling puppies or adults in good condition, good health, and of sound temperament.

    Shall display good sportsmanship and conduct at all times and in such a manner as to reflect credit upon themselves, Mayflower PWCC, and the breed.

    Shall bear responsibility for truth and accuracy of any photographs or information personally used for breeding or advertisement

    Shall be accountable for the actions of a handler in their employ as they pertain to The Code.

    A Pembroke bred by a member of Mayflower PWCC or sired by a stud dog owned by a member of Mayflower PWCC that is turned in to rescue shall be provided for financially or in fact, by the breeder or stud dog owner.

  • Breeders and Stud Dog Owners Should:

    Agree that the prime objective of breeding the PWC is to produce animals of exceptional quality. To that end, only breed dogs and bitches of sound temperament, structure, good health, and characteristic type as described in the American Kennel Club (AKC's) Offical Standard for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi shall be used.

    Be informed of and work diligently toward the elimination of hereditary health problems of the breed by refraining from breeding a dog or bitch if they have, in 2 consecutive litters to different partners, produced offspring with the same serious genetic defect such as: blindness, deafness, PDA, lameness, or impairment of vital functions which prevent these offspring from living a normal, healthy life without major surgical or significant medical intervention.

    Ensure that bitches and dogs to be bred are in robust health. Eyes and hips should be checked by accredited veterinarians and declared to be within normal limits. Members should make an effort to submit all health tests performed to the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) for inclusion in their database.

    Not breed a bitch prior to 1 year of age or older than 8 years of age; not permit more than 6 litters in her lifetime; not breed a bitch more than 2 out of 3 consecutive seasons.

    Not breed to an unregistered Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

    Honor all contracts regarding sales, co-ownerships, breeding rights, agreements, compensations, leases, stud service, and/or any other written agreement set forth.

    Acknowledge that the owner of the sire is as responsible as the owner of the dam in all matters of the welfare of the offspring. Anyone standing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi at stud bears great responsibility to the future of the breed. Therefore, a stud dog owner should use the dog discriminately and with the paramount intention of advancing and protecting the breed.

    Release puppies at or over the age of 10 weeks.

    Furnish written instructions on the care, feeding and healthcare to the new owner, as well as a written health record of immunizations or medical treatments.

    Sell puppies and adults with a health certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within a month prior to the sale OR request that the puppy or adult be examined by the new owners' veterinarian within two (2) weeks of the transfer.

    Provide accurate and valid documentation of the AKC registration and pedigree

    Use a spay/neuter contract in the sale of a puppy or adult that shows a health issue or very serious fault as described by the Standard. Members are encouraged to use the limited registration option offered by AKC.

    Be prepared to accept and provide care for any puppy/adult returned directly to the breeder.

  • It is Strongly Recommended that:

    Written agreements be used in all practices of co-ownership, breeding and/or selling of Pembroke Welsh Corgis

    MPWWC members serve as ongoing ambassadors to all individuals interested in our breed

    A copy of the Code of Ethics be given to each buyer at the time of the sale.

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